We have lived in our house for over two years and I had yet to really do anything with the kids playroom. It’s a tricky space! It’s a nice big room and a gorgeous blank canvas, BUT I have ten kids ages 2-18 so I didn’t want it super age specific, didn’t want it gender specific, AND I didn’t want to spend a fortune. I really like a challenge so I decided I’d give myself a budget of $100 and tackle project playroom.

We already had these awesome cubbies from IKEA so I decided to do a monochromatic theme using orange as our pop of color. The playroom is the room above our garage so the walls are long and bare. I wanted to make this wall a focal point, but I also wanted it to be fun and functional for the kids, so a chalkboard wall was the perfect choice! I taped off a mountain range with painters tape and did two coats of Rustoleum chalkboard paint (It’s cheapest at Lowes) and I LOVE how it turned out! The kids have had SO much fun with it and if you use dustless chalk the mess is pretty minimal. Big impact-little price tag-just what this mama was looking for!
This little reading corner is one of my favorite parts of this room! We already had the two little chairs so all they needed was a quick coat of a high gloss black spray paint. I stock pile canvases when they go on sale at Michaels so I used scraps of fabrics to cover 12×12 canvases to add texture and some fun to the corner. For the banner, I tore the fabric into strip and tied the strips to a piece of ribbon. This unicorn head is the one splurge in the room! It was the most expensive piece I bought at $18.99, but there are some head options on clearance for as low as $5 at my local Target now! I made these book ledges and I LOVE them! My toddlers are having SO much fun changing the books out all the time and they were SO easy! We had screws and white paint, so the cost for these 4 ledges was $12! I bought 2 1x4s and 1 1×2 and had Home Depot cut them to size. I literally screwed them together and painted them and they were done! Super simple and super cheap!
The overall feel of the room is fun and creative and my kids are all loving the changes! We do plan to add seating, but that’s a work in progress still! Theres always something to work on around here!
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