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supplies needed for DIY canvas project
I’ve had a LOT of people ask me how I make the canvases seen throughout my home so I figured it was time to sit down and finally created a quick tutorial! It’s super simple, quick, and CHEAP so basically it’s all my favorite things! 😉 I LOVE having pictures all over my house. I am a HUGE believer in investing in photography, BUT I also really love to change up my canvases often so this solution works well for me! Just don’t blame me if you suddenly develop an addiction to creating these for every inch of your walls, K? I’m not lying, it’s a total addiction waiting to happen! The supplies you’ll need are:
1– An artist canvas. I like to buy mine at Michaels when they are on sale. I buy the white ones with the canvas stapled on the back (remember I’m cheap!) but there are a few different options if you are classier than me and you enjoy spending money 😉
2- A picture to put on the canvas. If I am planning ahead I will usually order from or, but since my crafting is usually more of a wild hair idea situation, I often print at Costco. Cheap and quick remember!?
3- Mod Podge. I really like the lustre finish. It has a nice sheen without being too shiny and you can buy it pretty much anywhere. You can even add it to your Walmart grocery pickup order, but it’s cheapest to get at Michaels or Hobby Lobby with a coupon.
4- A paper cutter or scissors. I prefer a paper cutter for canvases 12×12 or smaller, but only because I swear I cannot cut in a straight line under pressure! It’s a serious flaw of mine. If I’m doing a larger canvas, I’ll usually mark it with a yard stick and do my best to make it look like at least a third grader did it vs a kindergartner. Hopefully your cutting skills are better than mine. They cant be much worse, I promise!
5- A cheap foam brush. I really like the foam brushes for a few reasons. First, they are cheap so I don’t even wash them, I just throw them away when I’m done! Don’t tell the recycle police, K? Second, they leave an almost linen texture over the picture which really does add to the canvas feel of the this project. Got your supplies? Lets do this!
Step One- Trim your picture to fit your canvas! Super simple and easy!
Step two- Apply a layer of mod podge directly to your canvas using the foam brush. You don’t want a crazy thick layer, but this is the glue layer so be generous. After applying the mod podge, stick the picture on top of the canvas and smooth it out. Sometimes I will even flip the canvas over and carefully smooth it out from the back a little bit too, but be careful not to move the placement of the picture on the canvas. Be careful not to get the mod podge on your surface (table, countertop, etc) cause it is a permanent finish and it will stay there forever reminding you that you are a messy crafter. Not that I learned that the hard way or anything! 😉
Step three- Once the picture seems like its nice and stuck to the canvas and things are getting close to dry (or all the way dry if naptime was over and you had to put the project up til bedtime) then you’ll pour the mod podge directly on the foam brush and do a layer of mod podge OVER the picture. It feels a little weird to paint over your precious babies faces, but if you have teenagers its a tad easier 😉 I like to take the paint brush and make strokes from top to bottom across the picture for the first coat, let that dry, and for the last and final coat I go left to right. It creates an almost linen feel and really gives an authentic canvas feel to the project. It also seals the picture so its safe from drool, grimy hands, or even Cheeto fingers. And that’s it! I use command strips to hang all of my canvases. I hate nailing things into my hand textured walls, and command strips are the perfect solution! Especially since I change things up all the time in our house. Let me know if you try this tutorial and what you think! I’d love to see your completed projects!
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