With the holidays coming and LOTS of us planning to travel for the holidays, I thought I’d do a quick post on how we travel and pack for our family of 12! Traveling with kids requires LOTS of planning, but there is nothing better than escaping reality for a few days with your people! We drive a 12 passenger Ford Transit (which we LOVE!!!) and we had two DVD players installed which definitely helps for long drives. My kids tend to get car sick VERY easily so we keep Emesis bags on hand at all times, but we pack extra for roads trips. Also, Dramamine for kids and adults is another must for us!

Snacks seem like an obvious choice for a road trip, but we take snacks to a new level as a BIG family. I pack our snacks in a sterilite three drawer dresser so that we can easily reach in and grab them. When we venture out of the car for sight seeing, I quickly grab what we need and toss it into the diaper bag/backback and off we go! I always buy our snacks in bulk and then package them myself into my favorite square snack bags from Walmart! They are the perfect size for kids snacks and the square shape is super easy to fill with any sort of cracker, dried fruit, trail mix, nuts, whatever your people like! We usually do goldfish, cheez-its, trailmix, granola bars, applesauce pouches, and dried fruits like craisins or raisins for the car.







When it comes to packing our luggage it’s Ziploc bags to the rescue again! I know- it sounds nuts, but I Ziploc bag our outfits! In August, we went to lagoon and I packed for a three day trip for 12 of us in ONE average sized suitcase. I label each Ziploc bag with a name, the day number to wear it, and that bag has the top, bottom, undies, socks, and hair accessory (for the girls) for the day. I roll the air out and call it good! My toddlers share a Ziploc cause their clothes are tiny and they don’t dress themselves anyways. I do the same with swimsuits/swim diapers, and for pajamas. It’s SO helpful in the morning to toss each kiddo their Ziploc bag and they have everything they need for the day! When I am labeling outfits I make sure to think about which outfits I want them to wear for which days events so that we are dressed appropriately for the amusement park vs church for example.







I LOVE my large utility tote from 31 and I have the insert for it so I keep that between the front seats of the van so the baby wipes, diapers/pullups, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, emesis bags, Dramamine, sippy cups, etc within arms reach of Mom and Dad.

Hopefully this helps as you plan your traveling fun for the holidays!



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