Reason #1- I cancel everything! Not because I want to! I promise most days I am counting down the minutes and hours to a lunch break with a friend! But how do I leave the house when the teenager is moody? Or the toddler is teething with a fever? Or its time to go and I realize I haven’t showered…since Sunday! Mom guilt is real and working mom guilt is worse and my kids know how to lay it on THICK! We can make plans, but just know I’ll probably cancel on you.

Reason #2-Talking on the phone is nearly impossible! I tend to blurt things out during conversations at inappropriate times. Things like “Please don’t touch your weinie!” “Stop picking your nose!” “Boogers go on tissue not on the walls” “Hands off your weinie” “Please use nice words” “Be kind!” “PLEASE stop touching your weinie” “Do you stink?” “Let’s change your bum” and the list just goes on.

Reason #3-I shouldn’t be allowed in public. I don’t have manners any more. I’ll eat off your plate without thinking, cut your meat for you out of habit, and shove vegetables in your face. Also, if we go to Texas Roadhouse, you might not even get to taste a roll.

Reason #4-I won’t text you back. I respond to some txts in my head and others I never even see because my adorable toddler is always trying to find barney on my phone. I think about you often, you just never know it cause I don’t respond!

Reason #5- I’m in the chaos phase of life. I LOVE my friends, I love their kids, I want to be a part of their lives and I have good intentions to do so, but the reality is I have TEN kids who need me and if I have to disappoint someone it isn’t going to be them. Someday I will have time for girls lunches, pedicures, trips to the beach with my girlfriends, but right now I am soaking up every second of the crazy chaos that I know is going by so much faster than I ever imagined was possible. In no time at all I will be able to be a really awesome friend, but for right now, be patient with me while I try to be the very best mom that I can. And sorry in advance for all the cancelled plans!


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