If you haven’t tried Walmarts grocery pickup service you are either living under a rock or super paranoid about someone else picking out your produce! 😉 I fell in to the latter category for a while, but now I am completely hooked! We all know grocery shopping with kids is less than pleasant and I am a bit of an impulse shopper so I LOVE that this service makes my life easier and saves me money because I stick to my list! I promise it is absolutely worth a try!

How it works:

Hop online and create a free Walmart account. Choose the Walmart nearest you that offers grocery pickup. From there you add everything to your cart and easily check out! The first time, it does take a little while to find the brands/sizes you like, but your list is stored in your account so you can easily hop on the next time and reorder your frequently purchased items. Side note-I never realized how much of the same stuff I bought every shopping trip til I started doing this! After you complete your order you can add/change your order for a few hours which I also love! I always forget a few things so I love being able to add things to save myself the extra trip!

When you check out you select a pickup time. It’s usually a one hour window of time and then you check in from the app when you are on your way. One time I forgot to check in when I left my house and it only took them 9 minutes to bring my order out to my car! That’s still faster than the average Walmart line! The parking spaces at my local Walmart are clearly marked and easy to find and the best part? You don’t even have to get out of your car! I wish this had been an option when I was pregnant!

Your groceries arrive in totes, nicely organized with like items. All my frozen goods are still frozen and I have had zero complaints about produce, which was my big fear! The employee goes over any items they weren’t able to fill and offers a substitute that you can accept or refuse (for us Best Foods only mayo-brand snobs!) Then they load your groceries in to your vehicle! Maybe that’s not a big deal to everyone, but I have a hard time fitting our groceries in to a single cart, so being able to order EVERYTHING I need and not having to worry about my cart overflowing, people being annoyed behind me in line, or squishing all my stuff trying to get it back in the cart after its bagged makes grocery pickup life changing! And yes, that’s 75 lbs of flour that I didn’t have to lift! #momwin

The first time you place an order they even give you a little swag bag with some sample items and coupons! You can refer friends and family and you each get $10 off your order and you can do that up to 20 times a year! Not that any of us know 20 people who haven’t already turned to the dark side and fallen in love with grocery pickup! I really did wait FOREVER before trying it cause I was so worried about someone else choosing my produce, but it’s such a time saver for me and I cannot say enough good things about it! Give it a shot if you haven’t already and let me know what you think!




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