Before you go thinking I’ve got it all together and that my life is perfect, let me tell you just a little about our day! We had to leave the house by 7:45am to get to kindergarten screening by 8. Lincoln was SO excited…until we got there. He completely froze during his screening and at one point he crawled under the table and threw a full blown Billy Madison style tantrum. I’m sure the teachers are super excited about him starting school in August now and that they are fighting over who gets him in their class.

After that fantastic adventure, I ran my oldest girls over to their seminary class where I spend five hours a wk sitting in the car with my three youngest because it doesn’t make sense to drive home. During the one hour class, their favorite past time is to river dance on veggie straws all over my 12 passenger van to see how far the powder can be spread. It’s truly magical how the veggie straw powder manages to seep into every nook and cranny. When the girls got back in the van, Lincoln reminded me that I promised him an ice cream cone if he did well at his screening. He did NOT do well, but in an attempt to encourage him to love school come August I agreed to the afore mentioned bribery. Everyone knows you cant buy one kid an ice cream and not the others, so I bought five cones. Finlee promptly placed hers on her head because….well I don’t actually have a clue why, I have given up trying to understand toddlers.

Once we got home, Finlee needed a bath and while I was bathing her Aubree was being a little mama to her baby dolls and changing all their diapers. Little did I know she was using red lipstick as diaper cream and we now had menstruating baby dolls. And ALL of this was before 10am! Since the day was already crazy insane and it couldn’t get any worse and I decided to toss the girls binkies and go cold turkey. They are already my oldest kids to ever have a binkie and it had to be done. May as well get something accomplished amidst the chaos right?





Tonight I got the littles all bathed and into their jammies and we were reading Finlee’s all time favorite book, The Pout Pout Fish and I realized that maybe all we needed all day long was just a few more smooches and to turn our frowns upside down. This mom gig is HARD! But its also crazy amazing and I’m so thankful that I get to wake up tomorrow and try again to show these little monsters how much I love each and every one of them.





Oh, and if you have a super nerdy (but smoking hot) husband who loves Star Wars, then this book is also a MUST have for bedtime! It’s so stinking cute! We have them all and each one is absolutely adorable. I mean, if you are trying to raise future generations of sci-fi nerds of course!

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