One of the most asked questions I get, as a Mama Bird of ten, is about groceries! Our grocery budget, our menu plan, or just how in the world I manage to feed them all. Apparently, big family food is fascinating! 😉 I LOVE to cook and especially to bake. It’s something we like to do as a family and if you swing by our house on a Saturday and the TV is on, chances are we are binge watching something on food network together!

Mel over at Mel’s Kitchen Café is seriously amazing! We LOVE her recipes! They are super simple, normal ingredients that I already have on hand, and so so tasty! We have never tried a recipe from her blog that we didn’t love! She posted a sandwich bread recipe that is hands down my all-time favorite! It slices beautifully for sandwiches and it makes great toast too! All the important criteria in our house! I split this recipe of dough into three loaves instead of the two that Mel does because my kids think it fits better in the toaster and sandwich bags that way. Play with it and see what works for you!

I use these bread bags to keep my bread fresh. I don’t like twist ties (truthfully it’s my vacuum and garbage disposal that don’t like them!) so I use these little clips to close the bags and keep things fresh!

I have teal and red in my kitchen so when I saw THIS bread bin I HAD to have it on my counter! It perfectly holds three loaves of bread and looks adorable on the counter. I like not having the bread in the pantry because it inevitably gets squished when the toddlers climb the shelves…not that I know that from experience…my toddlers would NEVER climb things of course 😉

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